Monday, August 1, 2011

T-Shirt Sleeve Pouch Tutorial

If you do a lot of t-shirt projects like I do, you likely have lots of scraps. I don't throw away my colorful scraps and I also don't throw away t-shirt sleeves. I decided to make these sleeves into small pouches. Here's what you'll need:
You can make the pouch out of any size sleeve, just cut it off at or below the sleeve's seam. You'll need random scraps of other knit fabric and one scrap that's 1 1/2" wide and long enough to thread through the sleeve's hem to act as a drawstring.

First, start sewing on some of the scraps in whatever design you want.

I made a ruffle for this one.

Next, turn the t-shirt inside out. You'll sew the bottom seam along the t-shirt's former armpit.

Remove a few stitches with your seam ripper to open up the hem of the t-shirt. Then you'll need to reinforce the seam with a few stitches to keep it from un-hemming the whole way down the sleeve.

Sew a tube with the 1 1/2" wide scrap you've cut for the drawstring. Turn the tube right sides out with a safety pin and then run the tube through the sleeve's open hem. Knot the ends and you're done!


  1. how fun! I knew there was a reason I was saving all of those sleeves!

  2. Glad someone else out there saves all the sleeves of T-shirt scraps!!


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