Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recess Raglan PJ Shirts with Camping Theme Stencils

For Easter, I made my oldest son some PJ shirts to go with his up cycled PJ shorts I made awhile back. The problem my very tall son is having with PJs is that the shirts become too short very fast. It's probably a combination of shrinking fabric and a growing boy. Because of this, I wanted to make him some. 

I used the Recess Raglan shirt pattern (I've used it in the past for several other projects) with longish short sleeves and a banded sleeve. I made the size 5 but added several inches to the bottom. Normally, I would buy a size 8 in ready to wear clothing for him but this shirt seems to fit him with the added length. 

Making a bib, "For me?"

I made this bib for my littlest guy. He saw me making a few bibs as gifts, and he asked, "Doing?" in his cute little voice. I told him I was making bibs. And he asked, "For me?" So I figured I should make one for him, too! 

I made bread today, too. And I just got this great pan (just from Amazon, not an affiliate link, though). It says it has no chemicals coating it, made of ceramic, yet not heavy, and the bread practically fell out of it. I did put butter in the bottom, but I don't think I need to again. Amazing. I am slowly replacing my nonstick pans we've had now for nearly 12 years. Eating teflon is probably not healthy. 

And after making this cute little bib ~using my new walking foot attachment for my machine, which is little 2.5 year old guy won't wear it. 

"Nothing personal, mommy, I'm just too old for bibs."

Monday, March 28, 2016

Baby Girl Onesies

I mentioned the other day that I purchased Kam snaps and pliers. I had to do another project to make use of my snaps. 
I used the free pattern found at Shwin and Shwin for the ringer onesie. I made these size 3-6 months. 

They are all upcycled or from scrap fabric. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baby Bibs

We're on spring break from homeschooling, so I've finally had time to update my blog and share a few projects I've made. 

I have had several friends who have had babies this past month! Three have had little girls, so I've sort of depleted my stash of gifts for girls. One of my friends had her third little girl, so she has enough clothes and blankets...but I think bibs are a great gift for any baby. Our kids' bibs were always destroyed, so babies need new ones, right? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baby Quilts

We're taking a spring break from homeschooling this week, so I've had a few minutes to photograph and blog some projects I've completed lately. 

I made these little baby quilts from flannel scraps. 
Our church collects baby hats and quilts or blankets for the hospital in the area. 
I'm not much of a quilter, but I did quilt these and then did a self-bound backing. (Same thing I did here. I showed a step-by step to make a quilt with a self-binding.)

Boys' Ties.

I made ties for my boys. I used the free pattern and tutorial found at Fishsticks Designs. I modified the neckband a bit, but making it half the width that is specified and then using a snap instead of velcro. I also would modify the width of the tie to  make it narrower next time.

I made three of these, hoping they would wear them for Easter. They probably will. I am probably the only mom in the world who doesn't buy new clothing for my boys at Easter. 

How I shop for Easter clothing: 
1. Open their closets.
2. See what fits. 
3. Look in bins of hand-me-downs. 
4. Iron.

Do they all match? No. But that's ok. 

But this year, they do have matching ties.

I made them from a thrifted men's chambray shirt. They have so many plaid shirts and few plain ties. My middle child, who is four and a half, LOVES wearing ties. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fun Flannel Fox PJ's

I love foxes. I had purchased this fox flannel to make a baby blanket as a gift. But I just couldn't part with it. At first, I thought it would be too 'girly' for any of my boys to wear. But paired with a plain navy handmade shirt (recess raglan with sleeves and lengthened torso), it made a great pair of PJ pants. 

I made them big so he can wear them next year, too. 
I am a little envious of these PJs. I may have to make myself some fox PJ pants, too.