Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baby Bibs

We're on spring break from homeschooling, so I've finally had time to update my blog and share a few projects I've made. 

I have had several friends who have had babies this past month! Three have had little girls, so I've sort of depleted my stash of gifts for girls. One of my friends had her third little girl, so she has enough clothes and blankets...but I think bibs are a great gift for any baby. Our kids' bibs were always destroyed, so babies need new ones, right? 

I made these early one morning and I even purchased a new snap system (from an online shop called I Like Big Buttons). They are Kam snaps. They are plastic and you apply the snaps with pliers (watch a video on YouTube). So far, they have stayed put. I'm not sure they always will, but they will be easy to repair as long as they don't rip the fabric. 

I'm really hoping they stay put, because the bibs are super cute. 

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