Monday, March 28, 2016

Baby Girl Onesies

I mentioned the other day that I purchased Kam snaps and pliers. I had to do another project to make use of my snaps. 
I used the free pattern found at Shwin and Shwin for the ringer onesie. I made these size 3-6 months. 

They are all upcycled or from scrap fabric. 

I freezer paper stenciled designs on the front of two of them (sort of hard to see). 

The backs are all color blocked. This is my favorite one, from an thrifted polo shirt! 

Here's a photo of the color blocked backs:

This pattern worked out really well. The sleeve is attached so there's no sleeve to set into the shoulder. Easy. I'm not sure the style would work for a boy, though.  

I constructed them differently than the pattern said, I attached the bindings and then sewed the seam. Not sure I can explain that any better without some photos. It's much easier than quartering each binding, in my opinion! 

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