Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Making a bib, "For me?"

I made this bib for my littlest guy. He saw me making a few bibs as gifts, and he asked, "Doing?" in his cute little voice. I told him I was making bibs. And he asked, "For me?" So I figured I should make one for him, too! 

I made bread today, too. And I just got this great pan (just from Amazon, not an affiliate link, though). It says it has no chemicals coating it, made of ceramic, yet not heavy, and the bread practically fell out of it. I did put butter in the bottom, but I don't think I need to again. Amazing. I am slowly replacing my nonstick pans we've had now for nearly 12 years. Eating teflon is probably not healthy. 

And after making this cute little bib ~using my new walking foot attachment for my machine, which is little 2.5 year old guy won't wear it. 

"Nothing personal, mommy, I'm just too old for bibs."

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