Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Boys' Ties.

I made ties for my boys. I used the free pattern and tutorial found at Fishsticks Designs. I modified the neckband a bit, but making it half the width that is specified and then using a snap instead of velcro. I also would modify the width of the tie to  make it narrower next time.

I made three of these, hoping they would wear them for Easter. They probably will. I am probably the only mom in the world who doesn't buy new clothing for my boys at Easter. 

How I shop for Easter clothing: 
1. Open their closets.
2. See what fits. 
3. Look in bins of hand-me-downs. 
4. Iron.

Do they all match? No. But that's ok. 

But this year, they do have matching ties.

I made them from a thrifted men's chambray shirt. They have so many plaid shirts and few plain ties. My middle child, who is four and a half, LOVES wearing ties. 

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