Monday, March 5, 2012

Braided Belt (Pinterest Inspired)

I have two sick little boys at my house. Poor kids.

My sweet baby had his first ear infection last week. Plus, he got a tooth, so he has just been a mess. Now the older one is sick with a cold.

Due to these events, I didn’t sew at all last week.

By Saturday, I was really wanting to create something.

I had pinned this tutorial from Delia Creates for making braided jersey belts. It seemed simple and something I could complete with materials I already had and in a short amount of time.

It was the perfect project to make after a week full of sick kids.


IMG_4492I put it on and my two-year-old told me, “Mommy, that looks cool.”

(He’s two. Where did he learn to talk like that? From me? I didn't think anyone said 'cool' anymore.)

My belt secured his stamp of approval.


I made a few changes to the tutorial.

1) I used five strips of knit fabric instead of four.

2) I used scraps of interlock knit, not a t-shirt. I had to sew pieces together to have long enough strips to make a belt. I was able to hide the seams in the five strand braid.

3) I strongly suggest using a heavy duty needle.

IMG_4494It was hard to sew through the layers to attach the D-rings to the belt, but the heavy duty needle didn’t break.

I made a bracelet, too. Love these colors. It makes a great wearable teething toy for my little 7-month old. IMG_4498

Anyway, my poor boys are still sick, but I know they'll be better soon.

It'll be nice to not live in quarantine.


  1. This is soooooo darling!! I love the color. I'm definitely pinning your cute belt and adding it to my to do list!!

  2. Just popped over from Brassy Apple link party. This is so cute - great for spring!

    Kelly @ herringbone lane

  3. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - you were featured today!

  4. Thanks for the comments! And thanks for featuring my project, Mandy!

  5. This is amazing! So going to have to try to make one for myself!
    Found you though Southern Lovely - hope you'll stop by for a visit!

    1. Love your blog's title! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I just love this! You have inspired me to make one. Thanks!
    I found you through a link at Positively Splendid

    1. Thanks for stopping over! Hope you love the one you make!

  7. I love it! It is so "cool!" Your little guy was right. :) I hope they're feeling better. Thanks a bunch for linking up to Crafty Cousins! :)

    1. Thanks, yes, they are doing lots better. Back to their crazy selves:)

  8. Super cute and a great color too!

  9. so where is the tutorial - I am new to this blog stuff and don't know where to go to get it!

    1. I got this tutorial from Delia Creates:

      But I also did a woven version:

      So two tutorials for you to peruse.:)


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