Monday, March 26, 2012

Vintage Skirt

Vintage Bird Applique SkirtI’m not usually one to show off what I’m wearing. That’s because it usually isn’t anything very interesting or unique. However, this skirt was my grandmother’s. After she passed away three years ago, I wanted to have this skirt (plus three others that are the same wrap-style). I have no idea where or when she got it, but I wore it to church last week for the first time ever. I got several compliments about it, so I thought I’d share it on here for all those readers who may be into vintage fashions (it is probably from the 1970’s).
IMG_4833 Lately, I’ve been noticing how clothing is constructed. For example, this is a circle skirt and it is finished off with a bias trim. IMG_4837I had seen a sweet tutorial for a circle wrap skirt that I thought about trying to make for myself, but realized that I already have four skirts of this same style in my closet. I just hadn’t found the right tops to wear with them. IMG_4834


  1. I love it! That is just awesome! Thanks so much for linking it up! :)


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