Friday, April 29, 2016

Anchor Print Lane Raglan

I apparently can't stop making Lane Raglan shirts right now. I got out my summer-isn clothing a few days ago and I opted to get rid of some clothing that I am not loving (usually because of the fit) and have plans to make a few other clothing items for my summer wardrobe. 

I purchased this anchor print fabric from Girl Charlee. If you purchase fabric using that link, I will receive a store credit. So please, use my link

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gold Dot Hooded Lane Raglan. And Meet the Chickens.

So I purchased this gold dot fabric at Hobby Lobby awhile back. And I wanted to make something fun for myself. 

I made another Hey June Handmade Lane Raglan top. I decided to make the hooded version so I could use a fun quilting cotton print I purchased (also from Hobby Lobby) that has gold dots as well. I used this quilting cotton for the hood's lining. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lane Raglan: An Upcycled Dress.

I wear mostly thrifted clothing. I also often use thrifted clothing to cut apart and make into something new. This dress was a $2 or $4 thrift store purchase (I can't remember). I wish I had a before photo, it is an Old Navy XL dress. I cut it apart and used the Lane Raglan pattern to make it into a dress that fit me. 


The best thing is that I was able to use the existing hems!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Lane Raglan with Curved Hem.

I love the Lane Raglan Pattern. I made the XS without any modifications on this (I wish I would have added one inch to the length, though, I forgot). 

I used fabric from Girl Charlee. I had never ordered from them before. I was hesitant to order fabric without touching it first, but I looked at the weight, % stretch, and fabric content. I stuck with mostly medium weight fabrics with 30-40% stretch made of cotton/lycra blends. I dislike working with rayon.

I really loved all the fabrics I purchased! They don't seem to curl while sewing, don't get stuck in my feed dog (the teeth on the sewing machine), and are very soft.