Friday, April 29, 2016

Anchor Print Lane Raglan

I apparently can't stop making Lane Raglan shirts right now. I got out my summer-isn clothing a few days ago and I opted to get rid of some clothing that I am not loving (usually because of the fit) and have plans to make a few other clothing items for my summer wardrobe. 

I purchased this anchor print fabric from Girl Charlee. If you purchase fabric using that link, I will receive a store credit. So please, use my link

This fabric is a cotton/rayon blend, which I actually bought by a mistake, since I don't usually like working with rayon. Apparrently I was distracted by the anchors and ignored the fabric content. I persevered and finished the shirt. 

I added 1.5 " to the front and the back to lengthen the pattern for myself. 1" might have been plenty.

I have a little bit of the fabric left over, but not sure what I will do with it. It was hard to cut. I was planning to make the sleeves a solid navy color, but the navy fabric I had on hand was heavier and so I wasn't sure how it would work together with the lightweight rayon print. 

I seriously can't recommend the Lane Raglan pattern from Hey June handmade enough. I usually have trouble with the arms of store-bought shirts being too large, not to mention the necklines are so low that I often layer a tank top underneath for modesty's sake. This pattern has well-fitted sleeves and a nicely placed neckline. I have now used it about five times (here, here, here, and here) so it is well-worth the $7 or $8 I paid for it. 

I had trouble with the curved hem at first, but I ended up purchasing this hem gauge. That's an affiliate link, by the way. I no longer dread hemming garments. I never make curtains because I hate hemming. But maybe I'll have to start making my own curtains. 

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