Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lane Raglan: An Upcycled Dress.

I wear mostly thrifted clothing. I also often use thrifted clothing to cut apart and make into something new. This dress was a $2 or $4 thrift store purchase (I can't remember). I wish I had a before photo, it is an Old Navy XL dress. I cut it apart and used the Lane Raglan pattern to make it into a dress that fit me. 


The best thing is that I was able to use the existing hems!

First, I picked the neck off the dress. This was the only time-consuming part. 
Then I cut the dress up the sides as close to the seam as I could. I carefully cut off the arms (it was a regular set-in sleeve, not a raglan pattern dress). 

I cut the arms up the middle seam of each so they would lie flat. The I cut the raglan pattern out of each side, making sure they were mirror images. I extended the body of the pattern down to the bottom of the dress, grading out as I went (used a dress I already had as a guide.) Then I just sewed the pattern together as normal, using the existing hems! 

I wish the dress were longer so I leggings weren't necessary, but for $4, I can't complain. 

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