Friday, September 5, 2014

Catching up with Life Lately. And Projects.

This summer, I feel like my life has been exponentially busier. Its like someone has hit ‘fast forward’ on my life. I spend my days accomplishing everything and nothing. I do the same tasks of daily life each day.

My house remains a disaster.

I desperately need to have a professional photo taken of my children. I tried to take them out for a photo shoot one day.

2014-08-04 10.17.48

My oldest turned five. He stopped going to bed at night. He’s up until we go to bed. It’s been a real issue.

Sewing. I sort of miss doing that. I made another pair of shoes for my littlest guy. He’s working on walking alone!

baby shoe

I used the very last bits of this super fun fabric and they match a hat I’d made awhile back.

baby toms knockoff

We have some ‘pets’. Five butterflies.

  growing butterflies
painted lady butterflies

I completed a few crochet projects. Here is one. It’s a baby aviator hat, size 0-3 months. Sadly, too small for my littlest guy. So it’s headed for Etsy. When I get a chance. You can purchase it before it hits Etsy ($24 + shipping); just email me (

aviator hat

My interest is thrift store shopping has been renewed over the past few months. I got this shirt (below) for $1. A friend told me about a great thrift store nearby that has 10 items for $10. Some restrictions on what is $10, but I got several pairs of great shorts and a few shirts for myself along with more clothing for my boys. Not that they truly needed it. We’ve been grateful recipients of many hand-me-downs that they wear with excitement. But it’s fun to shop for your own kids once in awhile.

thrift store finds

We have taken many interesting trips this summer (mostly day trips). We took the boys to our local farm show. They adored the tractors. And the pigs. We took them to an air show.

pigs at farm show

And since my blog often has a ‘repurposed’ theme, my husband is now a repurposer. He got this swingset [free] on Craigslist! He had some help getting it put together and staining it from friends.

repurposed swing set

And it is now standing in our yard. He’s replacing some of the boards, but it’s fully functional (swings had yet to be added when the above photo was taken) and the boys love it.

We’re three weeks into homeschooling for the year. It’s sort of kindergarten. We will probably do another year of Kdg next year for the oldest. He’s just turned five this summer, so we’re not in a hurry to start too much school. He’s learning to read. We’re on lesson 46 of “Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” (NOT an affiliate link)  which is probably not what we will continue using. The first 40 lessons were fantastic. However, it’s gotten very hard and he’s getting discouraged. I am going to look for another resource.

We’re using Shiller Math. We have completed the first book (did it when he was 4) but I would not recommend the curriculum for a 4 year old. We’re going to be reviewing quite a few concepts before moving onto book #2.

So. That’s the updates I have to share. I’ve made a few clothing items. No photos yet. Stop back someday.


  1. hey! i loved this post. i'm glad to see that even though life is going at warp speed, that you are quite busy. your little guys are growing fast! :) we started some homeschool goods this year as well (kids in 2nd, 1st, sort of K, and preschool). we are doing explode the code, and saxon math, but i don't really have any opinions on it yet. have you looked into 'math u see?' - if your oldest is a visual learner- it could be a good way for at least K (i am really limited on this stuff, and am growing as i go-- so don't take my advice as hard knowledge!!) :)

    1. I have heard of Math U See! You are the second person to mention that to me. Thanks for the comment!


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