Monday, April 18, 2016

Lane Raglan with Curved Hem.

I love the Lane Raglan Pattern. I made the XS without any modifications on this (I wish I would have added one inch to the length, though, I forgot). 

I used fabric from Girl Charlee. I had never ordered from them before. I was hesitant to order fabric without touching it first, but I looked at the weight, % stretch, and fabric content. I stuck with mostly medium weight fabrics with 30-40% stretch made of cotton/lycra blends. I dislike working with rayon.

I really loved all the fabrics I purchased! They don't seem to curl while sewing, don't get stuck in my feed dog (the teeth on the sewing machine), and are very soft. 

I love the curved hem on this shirt, too. I have never sewn a successful curved hem before, but I purchased this hem gauge from Amazon (affiliate link). 

If you order fabrics form Girl Charlee, please use my affiliate link. I will get a store credit. It was worth paying shipping to receive high-quality fabric. I haven't been satisfied with what I find at our local chain fabric store. I don't know of another local smaller store around that carries knits. 

I purchased the Hey June Handmade pattern for the Charleston Dress. I will have to add some length to the pattern, so I haven't gotten the nerve to sew it up yet. Or even cut it out. Some of the fabric I ordered form Girl Charlee was a bargain lot, which meant it was less expensive per yard and may have small flaws, but I figured I could use it for a "muslin" or test version of this pattern. 

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