Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recess Raglan PJ Shirts with Camping Theme Stencils

For Easter, I made my oldest son some PJ shirts to go with his up cycled PJ shorts I made awhile back. The problem my very tall son is having with PJs is that the shirts become too short very fast. It's probably a combination of shrinking fabric and a growing boy. Because of this, I wanted to make him some. 

I used the Recess Raglan shirt pattern (I've used it in the past for several other projects) with longish short sleeves and a banded sleeve. I made the size 5 but added several inches to the bottom. Normally, I would buy a size 8 in ready to wear clothing for him but this shirt seems to fit him with the added length. 

I wanted to make some older boyish theme shirts and I decided on camping designs. 

I got the blue fabric at JoAnn Fabric. I've been getting a little bit picky about fabrics lately. I dislike sewing with rayon. It seems like every knit fabric at JoAnn's has some sort of rayon in it. I won't buy it. This was one of the only 100% cotton knits I could find. 

I haven't freezer-paper stenciled anything in awhile, so it was fun to do that. I love how these turned out. I've only been making PJs for my kids lately because they won't wear most of the other items I have made. Also, they don't really "need" other clothes. But PJs wear out fast and hand-me-downs are not quite as fun as other hand-me-downs. So it's given me an opportunity to make something they wear. And my oldest son is (almost!) exclusively wearing handmade PJs right now! 

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