Thursday, November 10, 2016

Knockoff Baby Booties with Snaps

I have always had summer babies (I guess one was early fall) but it's always pretty warm. This new baby coming in January requires warmer footwear. 

I had seen these baby booties on a friend's child and LOVED that they stayed on her feet so well. I found them on Amazon, but I couldn't imagine paying that much for one pair. 
knockoff zutano baby booties

After some research, I found a pattern that was suitable for making the same thing! I will say that they aren't completely the same (mine might be a little more round) but they seem like they will stay on baby feet better than socks alone! 

There is some elastic at the back to help keep them snug. 

I have no idea what size they are for as it was not marked, but hopefully they will cinch up enough to stay on many sizes. 

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