Friday, February 12, 2016

Striped Shorts....Made from Polo Shirts!

These shorts started out as thrift store polo shirts. They were in great shape (men's size XL) and only $2 each. They are the perfect size to turn into size 6 or 7 boys' Coastal Craze Baggies. (affiliate link)

I had purchased the polo shirts last year with the intention of making more PJ shorts (I made a bunch last summer, see here, here, here, here, and even made them into pants here). 

I completed these several months ago, but hadn't gotten a photo. I made the waist a little larger since using the pre-existing seams on the shirt eliminates the seam allowance. I used the existing hems on the polo shirts which left cute little vents at the leg openings. It also made them a little longer for my long-legged boys. 

Only one pair has pockets. It was simple to eliminate the pockets from the pattern. I recommend this pattern if you are looking for a fun and easy pattern for kids' shorts. I also highly recommend using existing knit t-shirts or polo shirts as a fabric source! They are less expensive and available in so many fun colors.

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