Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lane Raglan Colorblock Shirt

I made another Lane Raglan shirt this past week! I had been given a Hobby Lobby gift card for my birthday, which I used to purchase ivory knit fabric with tiny gold triangles.

As I cut the long sleeves, I realized too late that I would not have enough fabric for both he front and back of the shirt. (One yard is not enough for an entire long sleeve shirt! The pattern specifies how much to buy, but I failed to consult it prior to purchasing the triangles.) I was so excited to get started that I cut the long sleeves without considering fabric needs. 

 I decided to make the back of the shirt from navy blue fabric (which was left over from the giraffe pjs I made for one of my boys). My husband thought this was funny that I would use two different fabrics, but I like the effect.

I cut the extra small from the pattern this time and I am much happier with the fit. It's less boxy than the pink one with the hood that I made and shared recently. The underarm fits much better. I really love the raglan sleeves. They are fun. 

I used a different method of adding the neckband, cuffs, and waistband this time. It leaves a seam on each of these areas, but I was able to more evenly stretch the neckband and avoid gaps like I often have experienced with knit necklines. 

This is probably one of my favorite items of clothing I've ever made for myself. 
I'm so excited about it! 

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