Thursday, February 4, 2016

Zoo Animal PJ's

I made two pairs of zoo animal PJs for my older two boys. The fabric is from and I haven't washed it more than once yet, but it is soft and thick. I'll have to weigh in on pilling after a few more washes, and I did have to wash it once to soften it up, but it was good for a cheap-er knit. They are not compensating me in any way, I just thought it was a good deal and was nice to sew with. I used Robert Kaufmann Laguna knits for the cuffs and neck.

I made a size 6 for my middle child. I used the free pattern from Shwin & Shwin. I am having trouble with the neck, I think I will have to take it off and decrease the length of the band. 

For my older son's PJs, I used the pattern over at DIY Crush. It was a size 9. However, I had to increase the leg width a ton--they were so extremely tight. I also increased the length of the arms, legs, and torso. I may have gone overboard, so they will fit great next year! 

I will let you know that the middle guy got PJs since the legs on the original pair I made for my oldest son were so tight. I cut off the bottoms, added new cuffs, and they happened to fit the middle guy. That's why his shirt is color blocked with navy. I ran out of zoo fabric!

Both pairs of PJs really turned out well and I stuck to my *new* motto of "One Project At A Time". 
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Also, DIY Crush had a different way of adding the cuffs, waistband and neckline to the shirt than I have used in the past. It does leave the seam showing at each of the junctions (if that's a word to describe them), but it was easier for me, as I usually have trouble getting the neckline stretched after the shirt is constructed. Check it out if you ever have difficulty getting the neckline stretched or hate stretching cuffs in the round. 

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