Monday, February 8, 2016

Lane Raglan Hoodie

 I purchased the Lane Raglan Pattern from Adrianna over at Hey June Handmade a few months ago (maybe a year ago?) and it took me awhile to sew it up for myself. I normally don't use ready-made patterns, but I decided if I am going to sew for myself, I should start using actual patterns, since some of my attempts with self-drafted patterns haven't turned out so well.

It took me forever to actually finish this shirt. It isn't that the pattern is difficult, but I was unsure how it would actually fit, so I was a little slow at getting it put together. It's also pink, and I finished it up right after Christmas, so I wasn't in a hurry to actually wear it (till now! Pink is perfect for February!)

 I used new fabric (instead of up cycling old t-shirts or something), so I really wanted it to fit well. I wasn't sure why I had purchased this fabric in the first place, but now I know.

I cut a size small, the hood seemed huge, and I didn't have enough fabric for long sleeves. So I cut 3/4 length sleeves, decided to line the hood with flannel fabric and finally finished up. I really like the finished product! I wish I had cut the extra small, though since it is a little big big through the armpits. 

And maybe I should have pressed the waistband better. 
But I love the hood. I really love hoodies with lined hoods. This fabric wasn't bulky enough to be left unlined. Without the lining, I do not think I would have been excited about this garment. 

I just used a length of t-shirt yarn for the hood's drawstring. I may add actual cording now that I know I really like the garment. 

I finished this up a few weeks ago. My sewing machine had to take a trip to the shop due to skipping stitches. Once it came home, I was able to finish up a few projects and resolve to do "One Project at a Time". 

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