Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making Yarn from T-Shirts

Do you have lots of t-shirts you'd like to repurpose into something fun? If so, this is how to turn them into yarn. You can then use that yarn to make lots of fun projects with your crochet hook.

Maybe knitting needles would work, too, but I don't know how to knit, so it's all crocheting here!

The goal is to have one long piece of t-shirt fabric. Smooth out the shirt on your cutting surface.
I folded mine in half because my cutting mat is tiny.
Now cut the bottom part off. (You don't have to use a rotary cutter. In fact, I ended up using scissors to clean up the edges mine left.)Now cut the shirt off below the printing. You can't use the printed part of the shirt for this project, it doesn't curl well.

Flatten it out if you've folded it like me. Cut 1" strips but stop about an inch from the top. If you don't stop you will be sorry!Now, place the strips over your arm. It will look like some crazy '80's style fringe. You are going to cut from the first strip diagonally to beyond the second strip. Then you can disconnect the first strip to start making a long strip. (If you screw up the first one, no big deal. I had a few accidents.)
You will hopefully have one long strip.
Take the strip and pull it between your hands to make the edges curl.
Wind it into a ball and you're ready to start your first crochet project with your t-shirts!


  1. wish you had made a video of how you actually cut the t-shirt fabric to make the looooong strip

  2. I also agree. This looks interesting, but I cannot picture the diagnoally cut. Tried it with a piece of paper, but still cannot figure it out.

  3. I think I figured out the diagonal part. But my question is that won't the strip b kinked after the cutting? Will the rolling straighten it?


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