Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have a garden. Our soil is just "builder's soil" meaning it's mostly clay and not that great for growing things. Composting is great for helping improve it so our tomatoes and peppers grow better!

Starting a compost pile is easy. Just designate a part of your yard (preferably away from where you spend your does attract bugs...) as the 'Compost Area' and dump your vegetable and fruit scraps plus eggshells, coffee grounds and filters, and other things there. Also, pile on the grass clippings and leaves.

You could also purchase a "Gastro" (a name my parents gave their outdoor plastic compost bin) but I didn't, so that isn't very Monkey See, Monkey Do-esque. Or frugal. But my parents got theirs for free, so it was frugal.

Things That Do Not Belong in a Compost Pit or Bin:
Cooked Veggies
Tomato Products*
Citrus Fruits*

*These things change the pH of the compost.

Edited to add: I was recently sent a link to this site with an extensive list of other things you can compost! I was excited to see that many of these things are just everyday household items. Some are paper-based, so make sure you don't let them blow all over your yard (add them under other things that will wet them to weigh them down). So check out Backyard Boss for surprising suggestions.

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