Monday, August 2, 2010

Ask a Friend!

Three questions to ask a friend:

1) "Do you have ______?*" Quit buying stuff a friend might have in his/her basement and be willing to let you borrow, sell for cheap or give away for free? (Example: shelving, mattress, camping equipment, grill, plastic storage containers, pots & pans...) I'm getting a free mattress from my aunt. Plus, she's sending along sheets and a mattress protector! I had to buy a frame. Had I asked enough friends, I may have come up with a free one!

Our digital camera met an untimely partial demise (short version: the auto function no longer works, but the manual one does, but that takes bad picture; take home message: water and cameras don't mix) and I happened to post this on facebook (that I was mad I had ruined the camera) and a friend is supplying us with their old one! Talk about being glad I asked a friend...

2) "Would you like to clean ______?" I would rather clean someone else's home than my own. Swap cleaning with a friend!

3) "Are you free ______?" Swap babysitting with a friend!

*We've been able to help others with several things: a coffee maker (we got a new one), a GPS (I had been given one as a gift after purchasing one, so we had two), and I let a friend borrow some baby gear needed during the newborn stage that we barely used.

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