Friday, August 27, 2010

Generic Products

This blurb caught my eye on Yahoo today. We buy a lot of generic things (ie the store brands). Almost every store has store brand items from ketchup, cereal, tomato sauce, diapers, soap, shampoo, you get the picture.

I was disappointed in their list of 5 suggestions for generics. In my opinion, it wasn't extensive and it also wouldn't save a ton of money.
Cereal, sure.
Rx drugs, you may not have a choice since your insurance may require you to choose generics. If there is a generic, you usually walk out of the store with it and don't get a choice... this is because the pharmacy has a higher profit margin on generics, anyway. They're usually manufactured in Puerto Rico. (Former drug rep here.)
OTC meds. They're usually sold by the name of the actual drug (ie acetaminophen is the ingredient in Tylenol. Tylenol is just a brand name.)
Basic Baking Products. Not sure I buy enough of any product to save significant money, but I do buy generics.
Fresh fruits & Veggies. I don't recall getting much of a choice for produce. I buy what's there. Usually there are different varieties of tomatoes or apples, but not brands.

So. What would our household's list contain? I am actually going to name some store and brand names, to my chagrin. I'm not being paid for this.

-Diapers. Target Up & Up brand when we're not using cloth.
-Milk. Walmart, Giant Eagle & Aldi store brands are much cheaper and don't contain the growth hormones or antibiotics.
-Toilet Paper. Kirkland @ Costco is good as is Target's.
-Paper Towels. When we're not using rags, I really like Costco's store brand.
-Cereal. Kroger has the best generic selection, in our opinion. Trader Joe's is good, as is Wal-Mart now. Watch for high fructose corn syrup!
-Oatmeal. Marc's usually has some off-brand. Giant Eagle has their own brand, too.
-Cheese. Marc's has it for $0.99/8 oz un shredded. Giant Eagle has a store brand as does Wal-mart.
-Ice Cream. I did recently splurge on Ben & Jerry's since I had a coupon, but we've found Aldi has good stuff. Kroger, too.
-Applesauce. Target, no sugar (or substitutes) added, is cheapest and just as good as a brand name.
-Frozen Fruits & Vegetables. Trader Joe is wonderful for these! So much less expensive but they are better. Tons of varieties, too.

What types of things do you buy in generic form?

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