Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've seen several articles lately talking about bartering and how it was popular during the Great Depression. I am currently the beneficiary of a barter. (Not sure if 'barter' can be used as a noun. Any opinions?)

I needed a legal service. A friend is an attorney. She helped me out and saved me approximately $150/hour. I am making her some 'travel security blankets' for her little boy. (More on those in another post. I'm still working on them.)

I think more of us should be open to offering a service we're good at and enjoy doing as payment for other things. Some ideas besides legal services and sewing:

-Gardening or other lawn care
-Cutting down trees
-Oil changes or mechanical skills
-Cake baking
-Ancestry Research
-House Cleaning
-Tailoring (I consider this way different than just sewing!)
-Refinishing furniture

Any other ideas out there?

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