Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baking & Organizing

As we get closer to the arrival of child #3 (2 months to go!), we’ve made some changes to our boys’ sleeping arrangements. We put them both in one room. Things have been a little rough. For me. They don’t seem to mind being up til we go to bed or up at 5:45 am when my husband wakes up to run. But I mind it.

Anyway, I’ve had a few grumpy mornings. But what have I been doing? Cooking. Organizing. And today, I baked. I had pinned this recipe a few months ago. Before blueberries were in season. And then I never had time to make it. Until today.
blueberry lemon caek (1)

And both my four-year old and I agree, it is really good. It calls for lemon zest. And that makes it amazing. You must make this blueberry buttermilk cake.
blueberry lemon caek (3)

Another thing I’ve been doing is organizing. I pitched a bunch of scraps the other day. One thing I’d hung onto was a shirt cuff. I finally sewed up the raw edges this weekend to make a little cuff to hold my iron’s cord.

shirt cuff cord catcher

I need a better iron. But this one is what I’ve got for now.
shirt cuff cord catcher

Anyway, that’s all for now. Motherhood calls via the baby monitor. (I guess I should say 'child' monitor. He turned two last week. Not a baby anymore.)

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