Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mason Jar Pincushion

This was easy. It makes a great gift for a friend who sews yet requires no sewing on your part!

Materials you will need:
Mason Jar (any size) and two part lid
Circle about 6-8" diameter
Polyester stuffing
Stiff cardboard circle, same size as lid
Paper cut from decorative paper, same size as lid
Hot glue gunPlace the stuffing inside the fabric circle. Shove it through the rim.
Now push the flat part of the lid under the stuffing as shown.
Pull the fabric as tight as possible around the flat part of the lid. Fold the extra fabric into the middle and glue it down. (Post-production note: it might have been best to have cut the fabric off. The lid doesn't actually screw down onto the jar if you don't.)
Next, glue down the cardboard and then the decorative paper to cover the fabric.
Replace the lid on the jar!

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