Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hoot, Hoot! Stuffed Owl Pattern & Tutorial.

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I love owls! I have made large owls, owl hats…I should have a specific board on Pinterest to use solely for owl inspiration. Do you love owls, too?
 I have a very simple owl pattern I’ve shared here. Go on over and get that printed out. It includes both the large and small owl.
I love to use scraps! Love them. Love them. I bought several yards of beautiful new fabrics a few weeks ago…and I have yet to cut into any of them. I just haven’t thought of the ‘perfect’ project.
But anyway, if you’re wanting to make an owl, dig into your scrap pile. Owl Stuffie and pattern (1)
Cut out some pattern pieces. Then free-hand cut some circles for the eyes and a beak. I made mine a little uneven just to make them cuter.
  Owl Stuffie and pattern (2)
Lay out the faces how you’d like them positioned. (FYI, the eyes on the orange owl are too far toward his ears. I recommend moving yours down…)
Owl Stuffie and pattern (3)
Sew around the pupil of the owl’s eye. I think sewing in a circle is hard, so my stitches are far from perfect circles. I sewed two rows per pupil.Owl Stuffie and pattern (4)
Then you’ll add the beak to the front of the owl. I stitched around twice again.Owl Stuffie and pattern (5)
Next, add the eyes. I overlapped them on the beak’s corners. Owl Stuffie and pattern (6)
Finally, pin the right sides of the front and back of the owl together.Owl Stuffie and pattern (7)
Stitch them most of the way around, leaving an opening at the bottom for turning.Owl Stuffie and pattern (8)
Clip the points of the owl’s ears. Also, clip tiny  notches at the base of the ears. Owl Stuffie and pattern (9)
Turn the whole thing right side out.
  Owl Stuffie and pattern (10)
Then for the stuffing…I stuffed the owls’ ears with traditional fiberfill stuffing but stuffed the rest of the owl’s body with with tiny scraps of fabric, plastic grocery bags, and some yarn scraps. Owl Stuffie and pattern (11)
Then try and stitch the opening closed as discreetly as possible. I still can’t do a nice blind stitch by hand for closing stuffed animals or pillows. Oh, well. Owl Stuffie and pattern (13)Owl Stuffie and pattern (20)
Here are the owls showing you their backs. One is made from a towel. Owl Stuffie and pattern (23)
Whoops, they all fell down.
  Owl Stuffie and pattern (24)
Owls. Love them. My sweet children have already claimed them. They might be sad when they find out I’m going to give them as gifts.
Owl Stuffie and pattern (18)
I could always make more! You readers know I have lots of scraps.


  1. Sweet Owls! Sometime last year when I was really busy crocheting custom hats, I started noticing a lot of requests for owl hats and I thought it was strange. I mentioned it to a friend who said, "Well, owls are very in right now."
    I had no idea that owls were "in" but it seemed like after that I saw them everywhere, so much so that I started this pinterest board to prove they were "following me." I stopped pinning to it awhile, but not before I'd amassed a decent collection of random owl pins.

    1. Hah! A friend of mine who has a crochet business says that the Angry Birds hats were last year's big thing, but this year it is owls. I think they are following us.

  2. I have a girlfriend who's little boy just loves owls and I have been at a loss for his Christmas gift. Thanks for a great and easy idea!

  3. Cool owls!!! I'd love for you to share these at my link party Submarine Sunday. It's open until Friday @ 11:59pm. I hope you'll stop by!


  4. These owls are adorable! I love the bright and fun fabrics!

    1. Thanks! I always save my scraps for projects like this!

  5. So cute! I love the fabric choices.

    1. Thanks! I always have more scraps, so maybe I'll make more!

  6. These are so cute. What a great gift idea for any little one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The imperfect stitching look is my favorite part. Super cute, girl!

    hugs ~ Crystelle

    1. thanks! I'm not the best at being super careful anyway and it totally worked for this project!

  8. Love your owls! I am a big fan of owls.

  9. I have seen these owls in person and they are super cute!

  10. adorable! I would love for you to add this post, and any others, to my weekly Mom's Library Link-Up.

    Thanks and Be Blessed,

  11. I so love the unique shape and look of these owl plushies! So cute! Love the pattern and this tutorial as a whole! Thank you so much for sharing! I featured this in my blog:


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