Monday, November 19, 2012

A Wreath Made of … What?!

Wood Shavings. And a coat hanger.
  wood shaving wreath
My dad uses a plane to smooth wood in his shop. And the plane makes these curly wood shavings which he felt were rather decorative. And he was trying to think of a way to use them. Because he (like me) can’t bear to throw away scraps of anything.

So he challenged me to use them.
wood shaving wreath #upcycledwreath
And maybe by itself, it isn’t that great of a wreath. But behind some glass jars, it looks decent and adds some texture to my shelf.
  textured wreath display with blue glass bottles and flowerwood shaving wreath adds texture to glass display
I think I’ll keep it there for now.

Would you like to make one?

You will need:
Wood shavings
Large needle
Wire Coat Hanger
Pliers (with a thin nose)
Take a wire coat hanger and pull it apart with pliers. wreath with wood shavings (2)
Use the pliers to form it into as best a circle as you can. Use the pliers to make hooks from the ends. wreath with wood shavings (3)
Start stringing wood shavings onto the thread. wreath with wood shavings (4)
Once you have enough to go the whole way around the hanger, tie the ends of the thread together.wreath with wood shavings (5)
Now use the thread to wrap around the string of wood shavings you made. Wrap it directly to the hanger. wreath with wood shavings (6)
wreath with wood shavings (7)

Tie the ends together to secure the whole thing. And then you could decorate it with burlap flowers or some sort of ribbon. But I didn’t have any. And buying embellishment supplies would‘ve thwarted my completely free craft.
  wood shaving wreath (2)


  1. Wow! This is intriguing! I love the kind of fluffiness it has to it...even though it is wood. That is really thinking outside of the box! Happily following you via GFC and looking forward to more!

    1. Thanks for the comment:) Glad you like the wreath!


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