Monday, October 15, 2012

Easy Double Layer Fleece Hat Tutorial

easy double layer fleece hat tutorial #fleecehat #sewahat
My husband wanted a new hat. So I told him I'd make him one. That was a year ago. Finally, he's getting his hat. Just in time for some cold weather!

I've made some fleece hats before (see my toddler winter hat, baby hat with earflaps, and my own hat.) I've never lined them, though. But I'm bugged by the stitching at the hem. So this time, I lined my wonderful husband's hat. It makes it warmer, too. It is really easy, a great beginning project. Here's how I did it.

I used fleece fabric. You could choose two colors and use one as the lining fabric. I just used one color, since that's what I had and my husband isn't interested in wearing a rainbow of colors. Forest green fleece was just fine with him. 

I used one of his hats as a pattern to trace around. (Note: fleece is stretchy. When placing the hat on the fleece, make sure that the hat will stretch across the forehead, not up and down.) Add an extra 1/2" on all sides as a seam allowance.

You'll need four pieces. Place your pieces in groups of two with right sides together. IMG_7862

On the exterior pieces, sew down both sides, as shown below. I used a slightly longer stitch on my machine (it lets me increase the stitch length from 1-4, I chose a 3 for this.)IMG_7863

Then fold the hat so that the seams are on top of each other and pin the two other parts of the crown together. Sew across this seam.

Flip it right side out to make sure that it looks correct. IMG_7865

Next, take the interior pieces and stitch them together at the sides but not at the crown. You'll still have that "V" in the middle. Leave that open for now.

With the interior and exterior both inside out, place them right sides together at the brim (below). Pin in place. Use lots of pins. This is the stretchy direction and you don't want it to stretch unevenly while you're sewing.

Sew along where you've pinned. Then once you've completed this seam, reach into the hat through the open end and pull it completely right side out.

The last step is to sew up the seam. I just folded the raw edges into the hat and pinned them into place.IMG_7870

Staying very close to the edge, sew this final seam. IMG_7871

Flip the lining up into the hat and you are finished! This would make a great gift for a man in your life. I am always trying to think of ideas to make things my husband, dad, brother or boys would actually use.


  1. Good tutorial. I like your idea. My husband likes warm hats as well. Looks ideal.

  2. Great idea. Visiting from My Merry Messy LIfe LInky party.


  3. That's very ingenious and thrifty. I'm sure your husband will love it.

  4. Just found some NY Giants fleece in my stash--my son is going to love this!

  5. I'm sewing this today for a Christmas present

  6. Any chance you could come up with measurements? I would like to make some of these hats for gifts but don't have a man's hat in the house. Great pattern, thanks!

  7. Hi, I am going to sew a hat for my husband. Thank you very much for the tutorial!

  8. Hi, thanks for sharing. Today I made my first baby beanie hat and then another. Also did one more for myself. I find my head is not Extra Large so will be making another one tomorrow, but in size Large.


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