Monday, December 6, 2010

Toddler Winter Hat Tutorial

Now that it is cold, we're always looking for my little guy's I decided he needed another one.toddler winter hat
I got the sizing and the idea for the ears from Martha Stewart's site.

Want to know how to make your own? I started with a scrap of polar fleece that was 10" wide by 19" long (I measured my little boy's head circumference and found it to be 18.5" so I left 1/2" for seam allowance).
After folding it in half, I sewed it into a tube and then sewed across the top. I folded it up about 2.5" from the bottom to make a brim and then sewed it into place. To do the ears, you're going to tie thread about 1" from the corner. This is just for marking purposes, so don't tie it in a knot.
Take a needle and thread and sew through the ear to secure it, about 5-6 times.
Tie off the sewn thread and remove the wrapped thread. Then repeat for the other ear and you're all done!
fleece toddler hatYou could make these for anyone of any size (but without the ears for adults!)
I think this was a pretty frugal solution--as much as I love Target, I don't think I need to pay $9.99 for a spare winter hat when I can make a super cute one that just might become a favorite hat!

Here's the only decent picture I got, and it isn't all that great:


  1. Thank you! I was searching for an easy tutorial for some spare hats.

  2. Wow, is this cute - the little ears!

  3. thanks:) Glad it could come in handy:)

  4. I love the ears! I'm including these in my Friday Favorites this week!

  5. Love the ears and little button. :)

  6. Cute ..looks easy enough for me to make... I'll give it a try.


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