Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blogger Problem: Scheduling Posts

For all you other bloggers out there:

I'm having some trouble scheduling posts on Blogger. I used to be able to do this with no problem (by going to "Post Options" and then enter future date/time I wanted the post to publish).

However, it now publishes it immediately. I didn't think this was a problem til I started researching it and found this immediate posting causes Blogger to email all the subscribers that you've created a post!

Scheduling will work once in awhile for me, but not more than one time/day.

Any ideas? Is anyone else being driven insane by this problem?

I'm moving tomorrow and Tuesday, so this is why I won't be posting. I did get one scheduled for Tuesday.

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  1. Yes, I am having problems. I have been using scheduling regularly - just lately scheduled items switched to draft items and didn't post - now scheduled ahead items are posting immediately. Rather a nuisance - hope they sort it - have left a message for blogger about the problem.


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