Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jewelry Making How-To: Crimping

Did you see some of the jewelry I've made?

This is a key step in making simple necklaces and bracelets. Crimping is how you attach the clasp to both ends of the wire or string. In this example, I used tigertail. I sometimes use fishing line for lighter beads.

You will need needle-nosed pliers (get some especially for jewelry, not the same type electricians use!) , a crimp, clasp and some tigertail.

You will use the pliers to squish the crimp and hold the tigertail together. Thread it in this order: crimp and then the clasp. Then thread the loose end of the tigertail back through the crimp. Squish the crimp with your pliers.
It will look like this:Thread the first bead over the end of the tigertail right up against the crimp.You can buy special 'crimp covers' to cover the crimp, but I usually don't do that.

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