Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Frugality Musings

There are so many deals online, especially offering 'free products, you just pay shipping'. Is that an honest-to-goodness money saver? My answer: unless you were about to spend the money anyway for that exact item, it isn't a money-saver.

Well, one got me yesterday. I decided to order address labels for our new home. (It isn't built quite yet, so it wasn't an immediate need.) I saw on this website that you could get 140 for free. I paid $3.62 for shipping.

Impulse buy? Yes.
Christmas gift? Yes (for my husband!)
Do I feel bad about spending almost $4? Not really.

Then I ordered my hubby a desk calendar for work (I was going to make him a photo collage) but I'm just not feeling it. So I spent $12 on the calendar.

Worth it? Not sure.
Impulse buy? Possibly.
But it seemed like a good, thoughtful gift idea at the time. (Everyone loves pictures of their kids.)

Do you ever get snagged by these types of 'deals'?

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