Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Banner

I used a whole bunch of scraps for this banner. It matches the stockings I've made for our family. (Honestly, the stockings are still in production. And I can't find our son's stocking in the midst of moving and living in multiple places.)
What I did, I cut triangles from two pieces of fabric. For the second (back) piece, I used fleece and flannel. Then I sewed the pieces together and used pinking shears to chop up the raw edges.
I had enough fabric to make six triangles:
I made some smaller triangles with some knit fabric I had from a t-shirt. I sewed scraps of red and green ribbon to the knit fabric to dress it up a little bit. Then I sewed all of the triangles to some scraps of double-fold bias trim (red and white to go with the theme!)
An easy and free Christmas decoration. Now I just need a mantle to hang it on!

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