Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Fall-ish Decor and Farmer's Market Finds

I did a bit of decorating in anticipation of the arrival of fall. I don't have a mantle (yet) but I do have this wood mirror handcrafted by my dad, so I often switch up the display on it. I just used things I had lying around the house. 

Our town has a farmer's market. I was never super excited about it...until this past summer. I'm realizing how great it is to get fruits, veggies, meat, cheese & milk in-season from local sources without having to drive all over the countryside to visit each vendor individually. Love it.

But our farmer's market also has flowers....I got these this past weekend for only $1. (They're zinnias.) 

And I also got yarn! Now that I've crocheted a few things, I am excited about the yarn vendor. They have alpacas and they spin the yarn themselves. They sell the bobbin ends (not quite sure what that means, I'm guessing it is a remnant?) but each of these little skeins were $1.
Can't wait to get started using this local, very soft alpaca yarn!
What fun things have you seen at farmer's markets? 

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