Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bias Tape

I never thought I’d make bias tape. I actually have a really hard time sewing with the stuff! But I’ve got a project I’m thinking of doing…and it requires bias tape.1bias binding (1)
Being the frugal crafter that I am, I wouldn’t actually buy bias tape. At least, not since I’ve seen so many bloggers swear how easy it is to make. So I’ve made some. I used the continuous bias tape tutorial found here. It was time-consuming, but worked pretty well. I did 1/2 yard of the blue fabric (above).

bias binding (2)
This yellow single-fold bias tape (above) was a trial piece for this free printable bias tape maker I found here. Genius! I didn’t have to go to the store and buy a bias tape maker! There is a 1/2” version available which I used to make the single-fold tape. I used the 1” version to make the double-fold tape.bias binding (3)

I am amazed by the creativity of others! I never would have thought to make my own bias tape maker from cardstock. But it really worked!

But now that I’ve made all the blue single and double fold bias tape, I think I’d prefer another color for the project I have planned…so I guess I'll have to make some more!


  1. great tips...I've been loving bias tape lately!
    I would LOVE for you to link this up at my Ginger Jamboree Link Party!!

  2. i still have a hardtime making bias tapes

    thanx for sharing


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