Thursday, October 18, 2012

Newborn Hats with Buttons

I love using old t-shirts to make something fun and new. I made a whole bunch of baby hats from old t-shirts awhile back; you can use my tutorial to make a knit newborn hat.
However, I ran across a tutorial on this website and liked the way the pattern had a different seam on the top. So I tried a few using it. My church collects hats for new babies at the local hospital (where I had my younger child) and I decided I’d make a few of these hats to donate.
newborn hats (2)
And I made a little girl hat, too. I had only enough purple fabric to make one, though, so it is a little lonely. I used some iron-on letters sent to me by Fashion Art Projects. I was a bit limited on what I could ‘write’ on the hat since it was an infant size. newborn hats (4)
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