Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Newborn Knit Hats

A project theme dear to my heart is repurposing t-shirts. I just love doing this for some reason! I saw a similar tutorial on what is becoming my favorite blog and just had to make some of my own. I switched up the embellishing a bit, and I'll do a different tutorial on embellishment options!
I made 10 hats from four different unloved t-shirts.
First, trace a pattern for the top of the hat (about 7.5" at the bottom...) Then cut the hat's cuff. I made mine 5.5" tall and about 16" wide (I had to cut some off...I'll point out where).
This picture just wouldn't cooperate, so it sideways it stays!

Before you begin sewing knits, check and see if your machine has a 'stretch stitch' setting. Mine does. I found it best to use the running stretch stitch option.

Stitch around the curved top of the hat (right sides together). Close up of what that type of stitch looks like on my fabric:

Fold the cuff piece in half so that the 5.5" sides match up with right sides together. Stitch these sides together to make a wide tube--this is where you need to make sure your tube is the same width as the hat. Cut any excess as necessary.

Fold the stitched cuff in half with the raw edges meeting up at the top.

Line up the cuff's raw edges with the raw edges at the bottom of the hat. The wrong side of the curved part of the hat should be showing. (This allows the seam to be on the outside of the hat, but hidden). Pin and then stitch the cuff to the hat.

The next step is to steam iron the hat. Do this on the wrong side first, then flip it right side out and carefully shape it. Iron the right side of the hat.

Fold up the cuff and iron it into place.

Make a few hand stitches in the hat's cuff to hold it in place.
I'll share how to embellish these cute little hats in my next tutorial! I made a lot because I have so many friends having babies.
We are expecting in July, so I wanted to have one for our new baby, too!


  1. That is so cute! Stopping by from One Pretty Thing.
    I'd love to have you link up to my For the Kids Friday Link Party!

    Hop on by!!

  2. These are so cute! I want to try one but don't have any baby hats around to figure out the length of the top pieces. I know you have that these two pieces are 7.5 inches across, right? Can you tell me the height at the center? Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Baye,
    here's the link to the hat pattern!

  4. Could you show me how to make a reversible one?


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