Monday, March 14, 2011

Burp Cloth Pattern and Instructions

I made tons of burp cloths out of soft flannel fabric prior to the birth of my son. I had so many compliments on them, I now make them regularly as baby gifts. Here's how. First, download mypattern and cut both a front and back from your flannel fabric.

Place it right sides together and stitch all around the outside but leave a space for turning.

Turn the fabric and then press it flat. Make sure you push out all the edges and corners and press them crisply. Press the unfinished space you left for turning under to hide raw edges.

Topstitch around the whole thing making sure you catch the raw edges inside the topstitching.

Here's the link to use my pattern to make your own burp cloths. Only make them for personal use or as gifts with this pattern; no selling them. Thanks.


  1. The pattern does not have curves, but it looks like the ones you made do.

    1. the pattern does have curves at the top (not the 'cut on fold' side) if you cut it out, they are gradual. Sometimes I do cut them to curve more.


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