Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Organizing my Scraps

My little boy helped me organize my scraps last week.
Might not look like it, but the past two times I've been to the fabric store, I haven't made any purchases. Many of the projects I've been doing lately (see here, here and here!) used scraps of t-shirts or other fabrics I already owned.

I will soon post a project I did using only a pair of $.23 pants I found at Old Navy (yes, that's 23 cents! I even took a picture of the tag!) but that's been the extent of my purchasing lately, I'm proud to say.

But the point of this post was that the scrap piles were getting out of control and I needed to de-stash before making new stashing purchases. I may purchase some new fabric soon. I would like to buy a whole group of remnants, though. I have some ideas for smaller projects. Any ideas for where I can get some? Or ribbon remnants. I have been trying to de-stash ribbon, too!


  1. I need to do this! Buying fabric is a little addicting!

  2. I'm totally working on using up what I have too. Check out, she is doing a whole spring stash busting challenge that just started. stop by sometime,


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