Monday, October 22, 2012

Fireman and Firedog Halloween Costumes

Our 3 year-old loves fire trucks. He got a beautiful handmade fire truck from my dad last year for Christmas. I made him fire truck shorts this summer. He also got a fire hat and a hose that my dad made. So this year, despite how I don’t love Halloween, I figured I should step up and make some costumes for my sweet boys.
11fireman and firedog halloween costumes (2)

Note: Please don’t pin the photo of my kids! If you would like to pin a photo of these costumes, I’m honored, but use one without them. Thanks.
11fireman and firedog halloween costumes (12)

I made the fireman jacket and most of the firedog costume.

fireman and firedog halloween costumes (10)
The fireman jacket is just made of felt, so it is unlined and unhemmed. I used the bathrobe pattern from Sewing for Boys and adapted the collar feature. I made a size 2-3 T, which is enormous despite the fact that my kid wears a 4T. I added felt stripes to the sleeves and a felt emblem to the front.fireman and firedog halloween costumes (16)

We had the hat, as you can see from the duct tape, it has had a busy life. The hose was made from a piece of tube and a plastic nozzle. (My dad made it.) The back of the jacket was freezer-paper stenciled. I don’t have a Silhouette cutter, so I cut the stencil by hand.

Our youngest is still crawling so I figured he wouldn’t argue too much about being the firedog.
fireman and firedog halloween costumes (17)
The firedog costume was made from this pattern for kid pants. I took a little off the length since my little guy wears more like an 18 month size. I used fleece. I should’ve sewn the spots onto the pants before I assembled them. I ended up safety-pinning on all the dots. The top is just a white onesie and has dots safety-pinned to it, too. The hat was made using this tutorial and I added the ears and face.fireman and firedog halloween costumes (19)

This little fireman loves to pretend and help anyone who may be “sick or hurt”. It took me awhile to get the motivation to make the costumes for these little guys, but I’m glad they’re done. I remember my first Halloween costume, so hopefully our oldest will remember his, too!

*Oh, by the way, have you noticed how I've started a comprehensive list of all my projects? You can find it in the "project gallery".*


  1. love this!!! they are adorable- great job on the costumes!!

  2. Great job! These are very cute. It's fun when the kids costumes work together. Seems that most sewing in October is costumes. Have fun happy Halloween!

    1. It does seem that everyone loves Halloween! So many creative ideas are in blogland!

  3. These turned out so well! I love them and how they go together. Felt is such a wonderful fabric, isn't it? So easy! Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

  4. Soooo very cute! Thanks for a post that made me smile :)

  5. love the two together! I'm all about dressing the kids to match/ go together :o) I just linked up to Project Run and Play and saw your link... love it!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting & your kind comment!

  6. These kids look like they're having a lot of fun with their costumes!

  7. I agree. They look so adorable on those halloween costumes. I really love them!

  8. I was browsing for really scary, funny, amazing, cool, clever,dyi and unique Halloween costumes and so I found this post. I hope it’s fine with you if I could pin some to my Pinterest boards. Thank you so much and keep on sharing informative posts !


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