Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Things I Dislike

Lots of bloggers write about things they love. I usually write about stuff I want to make, so I normally am writing about what I like. But here are two things I just don't like.

1) Halloween. Since I do blog, I read crafty sites {sometimes!} and this season is sort of *blah* for me when I look at other websites. It isn't a religious objection to Halloween, I just don't like it. It just seems like a waste of time! I don't love candy, so maybe that's why I just never got that into it. I do admit that I'll let my kids wear costumes (that I'll probably make!) when they can ask for them.

2) Missoni for Target. Am I the only person in the country that thinks the colors and patterns from this line are hideous? I normally love Target! Half my wardrobe is from the clearance section there.* I would buy all my children's clothing there if they wouldn't end up looking like clones of every other child I know. How could Target have such poor taste?

So there you have it. Two things that have been annoying me this week: seeing tons of Halloween projects show up in my blog reader and ugly Missoni clothing being at Target.

*I have not taken a leisurely shopping trip to Target to browse the clearance section in quite awhile. I think I am due for one!!*


  1. Please note, I meant this to be funny! Don't be offended if you love Halloween and Missoni for Target!! I had never heard of Missoni before this week.

  2. i'm so with you on #2. the only thing that made any sense to me was a headband. small amounts of crazy pattern, but that's all... and i wouldn't spend that kind of $$ for it. THOUGH- i did try to hit up the web site tues and it really did crash. i was surprised till i found out the reason. so goofy how crazed everyone got for it. i've never heard of missoni either.


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