Thursday, September 22, 2011

My To-Do List

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Here’s a to-do list which includes pictures of home decor projects I’d love to tackle around our house.

1. I have never spray painted a lamp. But I really am not liking the brass lamps we have in our house. I am wondering if it would work to use some sort of nickel colored paint for this lamp? IMG_2613

2. This shelf was in the old house that we had torn down to build our new home. I’m thinking of making our kids’ bathroom a ‘nautical’ theme and painting this shelf a navy blue color. First I have to strip it, right?


3. This table is in our baby’s room. It’s pretty awful and I’m thinking of spray painting it a blue color. I also was thinking of doing a chalkboard top or a striped top. Thoughts?


4. We have had this filing cabinet for a long time. Before that, it was in my parents’ basement for a long time. And before that, it was in my dad’s office for a long time. I am thinking of painting it black. Or a fun color, like blue.


5. This was a calendar holder. I don’t have a calendar the right size to fill it right now. I am wondering if it is worth the trouble to get a piece of glass cut for it, spray paint it, and then use it as a dry erase board for a calendar.


6. We’ve had these bar stools since we were married. I’m considering upgrading their color…as in painting them with some color.


If I ever get a chance to tackle messy projects again, I’ll be starting with one of these!

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