Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pattern Testers Needed

I am planning to sell a pattern for making a raglan shirt from upcycled t-shirts. I've made it several times for my little boy.

However, I want a few testers to try their hand at it before I try to sell it. This way, the testers can report any problems or quirks it may have!

This is my plan:
Email me to express your interest in being a tester.

I will send you the pattern (for free) in several emails which contain PDF files. (There are several variations...long sleeves, short sleeves, hoodie, kangaroo pocket...)

You print it off and make whatever variation you want from your own t-shirt stash.

Take pictures of the final product & send them to me.

Give me feedback.

Update: The shirt pattern is size 3T.


  1. I love to sew, and my daughter is in 18 month clothes right now, so I'd be very interested in trying it out for you.:)

  2. I would love for you to try it! Please email me and I will email you the power point file containing the pattern and instructions.

    Also, please note it is a 3T pattern! I am planning to do a 2T, but I forgot which one I actually drafted and prepared! Hopefully you'll still review it! {she'll be in 3T eventually!}

  3. I Just emailed you!! :)



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