Friday, September 23, 2011

Toy Tool Belt Tutorial

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My little boy likes tools.
A lot.
One day, he was at my parents’ house and my mom used a scarf to make him a makeshift tool belt. I figured he needed one of his own. With special spaces for his two hammers.
(“Only hit your tool bench, not the walls!” comes out of my mouth at least 45 times per day.)
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The belt ties at the waist. IMG_2640
To make it, I used some scraps of fabric I had left over from converting a pair of too-large maternity pants into shorts. (Tutorial for that found here and here.)IMG_2631
I took one of the large pieces and sewed a ribbon to the top, just for decoration. Then I stacked two of the large pieces but placed the top piece (for the pockets) about 1” down from the top of the base piece. I made the pockets 5” deep.
Don’t sew the pockets yet, but cut the fabric to size. IMG_2632
I made the ties by folding over two 1 1/2” scraps and sewing them into tubes, turning the tubes, and then pressing them flat. IMG_2633
I made the hammer loops by taking two pieces of scrap fabric, sewing a tube, ironing it flat, then zig-zagging it, just for fun. Then I just sewed them onto the front of the pockets like belt loops.
I then sewed the pockets. I just stitched down the center for two wider pockets and then off to the side to make two narrower pockets which will be created with the side seams.
Next, cut a piece that will serve as the back. Pin it with right sides together. Slip the ties between the back and front pieces so that they will be caught in the side seams.
Sew around the whole thing, leaving a space at the bottom for turning. Be sure not to sew through any other part of the ties!
Turn the whole thing right sides out and press. IMG_2638
Top stitch around the entire border.
Now your child’s tools will be waiting for him (or her!) after naptime!


  1. Super cute! I used to love my dad's tool belt and all the stuff it could carry.:)
    I'm a new follower from delicate construction.:)

  2. What a great momma you are!! Great job on that!!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!


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