Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coming Soon: Raglan T-Shirt Pattern

I've gotten a few requests for the tutorial I used to make these raglan t-shirts. Here's another example of one I've made since then using the pattern I drafted:

I've even branched out and added a hood and a front kangaroo pocket. Plus long sleeves.
My little guy isn't too fond of wearing hoods indoors.

But he does like his one-of-a-kind shirts.
Why am I boring you with all this? I've spent LOADS of time tweaking this pattern and decided that I'm going to sell the pattern on etsy and ebay so you can make your own crew neck long or short sleeved shirts. I'm going to include the hood and pocket options, too!

The pattern's cost will include over 20 pages of instructions and pictures to make sewing the shirts easier. However, the cost will not include the rights to sell the pattern or finished shirts yourselves. The pattern is only going to be available in a size 3T for now. I'll see how it goes and if it is worth my time to draft other sizes, I'll start working on them.

I'll let you know when it's available!
I just wanted to give you an idea of what I'm working on this week.


  1. Cute! Raglans are so comfy, versatile & easy to sew. Best of luck :)

  2. Very nice raglans! I see you made an OU sweatshirt :) I'm an OSU buckeye, but I love OU's campus. It's so beautiful!

  3. I won't tell my husband you're an OSU buckeye...he was in the marching 110 and is VERY partial to OU:) I loved OU. Glad to have someone pointing out the difference--too many ppl mistake OU for OSU!


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