Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maternity Skirt from Men's Pants

Obviously, I'm on a maternity clothing kick. I took a pair of men's pants and used the same tutorial I did here to make this skirt.

This is the finished maternity skirt:

An interesting source for fabric...a pair of men's pants. Inexpensive men's pants, straight from Old Navy's clearance section. I was there to look for inexpensive knits to repurpose into a skirt for me...but I came home with these. They weren't even $0.47, as the sticker says. They were half off, so only $0.23!!

They were a pair of very large men's pants. (I didn't know about men's sizing until I got married, but 48" is the waist size. 30" is the inseam.) My tall, slim, yet muscular husband wears a 34" x 34" to put the size of these 48" x 30" pants into perspective for you.

I cut off the bottom part of the legs. The goal is to use the pant's hem for the hem of the skirt. I made sure to cut enough off so the skirt would be long enough for me plus an extra inch for seam allowance. Then I cut the legs in half and cut off one of the side seams.
After that, I made the waistband the same way I made the waistband for the flat-front yoga skirt here. That means I had to stretch it to fit the skirt's waist as I didn't want to gather the skirt (for more of a pencil-shaped look). You could really use any fabric source for the skirt and then use a nice, stretchy jersey for the waistband!


  1. thanks! hope you can try it out!

  2. I'm hosting a Maternity/Nursing/Postpartum competition on my site - called Mother to Be, Being, Been. I'd love it if you entered this project!


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