Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Garbage Pretty

In our new house, I am anticipating having a crafting 'studio'. It'll be more like a crafting area in our master bedroom, but studio sounds a lot more fancy! I've been making plans for storage solutions that are aesthetically pleasing yet frugal.

I've also fallen in love with spray paint--remember this project? (Don't worry, I'm pregnant, so I only use the paint outside in between the tremendous April rainstorms.)

We have a lot of empty yogurt containers around the house. I wanted to make them look nice. I bought more of the lilac spray paint I used for the recipe box project--I found it was clearanced for $1.88/can, so I bought two cans--and decided to go to town spraying down some garbage.

I set the containers up on scraps of wood so that I could just do one application and sprayed them with the lids on.

Here's how they turned out! I love them and have already filled them with various things like elastic, ribbon scraps, paper scraps, embroidery floss, velcro...the list goes on.

I'll be painting some other things with the paint, too.
I have a vintage project I actually finished a few months ago but am waiting for my dad to build the final part...but I'll be sharing it soon. (He points out that since I have no house to put this large vintage item that there isn't a rush...and he's right.)

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