Monday, April 25, 2011

Zipper Pouch with Ruffle Tutorial

This is my first attempt at sewing a zipper into a project! It turned out really well. It's much easier to make a pouch with a zipper than I'd ever imagined. Follow along for a tutorial!

Here's an inside view:

I added a three-tiered ruffle to the front of my zipper pouch. I started with three different width strips of fabric of the same length (11" long).

I sewed each one with right sides together into a tube, then turned them right sides out, and then pressed them all flat.

Next, I stacked the strips with the narrowest on top.
I used a wide stitch to sew them together and then gathered them into a ruffle.

I used a 7" zipper for this project and cut the outer and lining pieces so that they were also 7" in width and 6" in height. I used one long piece for the outer fabric so it wouldn't have a bottom seam.

To attach the ruffle, place it in the center of the fabric that will be the front of the pouch, pin it down, and then sew it using a running stitch. You can remove the gathering stitches after you sew it in place.

Add any other embellishments to the outer part of the pouch at this point. I added a fabric flower with a button in the middle which I made using the tutorial found here.

To start sewing the pouch together, take the lining fabric and place it right side up. Then line up the edge of the zipper right side up and last of all place the outer fabric right side down on top of that. Line up the edges and pin into place.
After you stitch it into place using a zipper presser foot for your sewing machine, open the zipper slightly.
Next, place the other half of the zipper between the lining and outer fabric's right sides, line it all up and pin into place.

Now you're ready to sew around the perimeter. Pin it all into place and leave a space for turning in the lining.

Clip any excess ruffle from the front. Clip the corners of the lining and outer fabric.

Now turn the whole thing through the hole you left in the lining. Push the corners out so they are nice and crisp. Sew the hole in the lining closed.

Admire your new pouch!

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