Friday, February 18, 2011

Laptop Case Tutorial Part 2

I had to jazz up my laptop case somehow. I also had to cover up a seam on the flap that was left because I chose to sew a velcro strip on the case to hold it closed.
After seeing these adorable flowers on this website, I wanted to make my own tutorial (and a few changes).

First, I cut five large circles. I used the base of a fat candle to trace around. Next, I cut four smaller circles. I used the base of a vase to trace around. I made these circles from knit fabric so the edges would not fray. I also cut two leaves from knit fabric (from a project gone wrong...) and selected a button in a contrasting color.

One of the large circles served as the base for the whole flower. I folded the other four large circles into quarters.

I then hand-sewed the quartered circles onto the large circle.

Next, I folded the small circles into quarters and hand-sewed them in the spaces left by the large circle quarters.

I sewed a button in the middle to cover up all my stitching.

To attach the flowers, I decided to use pins (I essentially made them into broaches). I didn't want to sew through the velcro and also thought I'd end up being too messy with my hand sewing and didn't want the messy stitches to show on the flap of the laptop case!

After I hot-glued the green leaf onto the flower, I hot-glued some felt on the back. To finish, I glued a pin onto the back!

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  1. I found u at One Pretty Thing by searching flowers. These are lovely, each one! I like the purple one and have been looking for a good tutorial for this style :) Thank you ever so much! Following!!


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